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Ecotourism trip to Madadagascar with Philippe

Our projects in Madagascar


Current projects focuses on implementing a development program to support ongoing projects that are in need of funding in the following sectors :

  • Primary Education
  • Access to Basic Health Care
  • Access to Clean Water
  • The Development of Malagasy Youth
  • The Development of Sports

We hope to fund other projects...your donation can help give hope to people in need...1 CAD is worth 10 000 Malagasy francs...100$ is a huge sum in Madagascar: 1 million Malagasy francs!!!

If you would like to participate in the development of Madagascar, this is the way

We thank you for your generosity and promisse that we are committed to fighting poverty and injustice.

As of September 1st, 2006, here are the development projects that is involved with:

Access to Clean Water

We have partnered with WaterAid to give 1150 inhabitants in the district of Betafo in the province of Antananarivo access to clean water and to build 110 latrines (toilets). This project also funds a hygiene and sanitation awareness and education campaign to ensure proper precautions are taken in using the water not to contaminate it. The campaign also helps integrate latrine use and maintenance into everyday life.

Our contribution: 16 850$

Full description of the Betafo project

Education and youth development

Cuisiniers Sans Frontières (Chefs Without Borders) has opened a cooking school in the city of Mahajanga to help street kids work their way off the street. The project started in July 2006 and its' mission is to produce autonomous citizens who will be able to create employement for themselves or work in one of several cooking disciplines (kitchen, pastry chef, bakery, chocolaterie, butcher, preserves). The project is run by Jean-Louis Thémis, professor at the ITHQ in Montreal.

Our contribution: 5 000$

Full description of Cuisiniers Sans Frontières

1st class of Cuisiniers Sans Frontières

Fight against HIV/AIDS

In September 2006, the Malagasy folklore company Landy-Vola-Fotsy started a tour featuring 9 performances of traditional Malagasy folklore to raise awareness, specifically in young people, about risky sexual behavior in a country where sex and HIV are very taboo and where sexual tourism is a growing phenomenon. Because these topics are so taboo, they cannot be addressed directly. Through humour, music and traditional Malagasy theater, the company gets their message across to nearly 2000 spectators at every show.

Our contribution: 5 000$

Full description of the LandyVolaFotsy show

Scene from the show that portrays different viruses on stage

Direct Investment in Madagascar

The 6 students involved with this project decided to work in Madagascar after having seen and heard about our story. We have acted as intermediary between the students and Madagascar to help identify needs. Over 4 months, the 6 students will be in Madagascar to lead the construction of a cheese factory with volunteer villagers who wish to participate in the economic development of a region with a very high youth unemployement rate. Materials and technical workers will be provided by PRECI from ETS.

Project value: 80 800$

Complete description of the cheese factory project with PRÉCI

If you would like to participate in the development of Madagascar, this is the way

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